Nice weather continues and everyone is having fun! The fishing in ND has been very good, the weather has cooperated, and some big fish have graced the Lund!  From Devils Lake, Lake Sakakawea, and the Glacial Lakes of NE South Dakota, they’ve all been producing.  I’ve been on all three and had some great fishing for walleyes, smallmouth bass, and some good looking northern pike!  The Devils Lake fishing report is very good.  Consistent catches of “eater” size walleyes and some catch and release necessary, which is always nice. Tactics continue to be predominately trolling bottom bouncers and spinners, but trolling crankbaits, and the use of glide baits like Jigging Raps and Johnny Darters are working as well. The fish have moved a bit deeper now, with good catches in the 15-30′ range. Trolling from 1.2-2.0mph has been the speed.  Colors – white, chartreuse, silver, and orange have been consistent. Pike action has slowed a bit, but we can find a few larger fish on our trolling runs.  Overall the fishing is excellent and will remain into late summer, so call today and let’s have some fun! Lake Sakakawea is absolutely excellent fishing right now!  Please call me for a trip! Great average size and these fish are fighting so hard, they’ll give a smallmouth a run for its money!  Devils Lake, ND is where I’m headed for the next few days and wrangle some walleyes.  Fishing has been good with nice catches on weed lines and some deep rock structures. Tip – Been using some heavy fluorocarbon leaders on my spinners to land some bigger northern pike, and keep from breaking on most snags! Please call for open dates and some great fishing!

I said it last time and I’ll say it again! Anyone interested in fishing Lake Sakakawea, the bite is absolutely incredible and these walleyes are fighting so hard I had to use some heavier line!  Call and plan a trip with me out west and you won’t be disappointed! I fish the central portion of the lake near Indian Hills or Deepwater Bay.  I’ve found this area is very consistent in mid-summer and finding fish that no one has bothered is one of the perks to this pristine fishery!  Like I said, these fish fight so hard and are so healthy; you have to see it for yourself. Tactics will be trolling and a great lesson on using your electronics to find and catch fish!  I have a few dates open for late August, September, and October, so come join the fun!

Tight Lines!  Cody Roswick Fin-Hunters Guide Service