Consistent limits and some fast action on Devils Lake and the Glacial Lakes of South Dakota have been really fun! Summer is here and fishing is red hot! Fin-Hunters Guides Service has been finding hungry walleyes, nice smallmouth bass, and several large northern pike. To be honest we are catching a pile of fish!  Customers are having a great time and who couldn’t enjoy some great fishing! The nice warm up in water temps to 65 degrees is truly making a difference. Shallow windswept shorelines have been key and boat control is a must. Slipping down the shorelines casting is fun and when we need a break we have been using bottom bouncers and spinners on some key areas. I like to troll bouncers at 1.1 to 1.5 mph holding the bouncers just off the bottom. It makes fishing all that more weed free as I work the developing weed lines. All part of the service as we search for cooperative walleyes and nice sized northern pike.

The bottom bouncer/spinner bite is strong right now and keeping those bouncers just above the weeds in 7-10′ is working well for walleyes. Many clients enjoy holding the rod and feeling the fish grab the bait.  Some days they latch on tight, other times they need some finesse dropping the rod tip briefly or letting the fish swim with it a little before a gradual sweeping hook set.  1/4oz. jigs with small swimbaits is another go to method and hold on to your rod, because you’re going to catch a lot of northern pike.  It just amazes me how aggressive the pike are at times and exciting to see a big 30+ take your bait boat side! Some of my favorite artificial baits are Northland Mimic Minnows and Berkley Ripple Shads from 1/8oz, 1/4oz, even 3/8oz.  Retrieve slower in the mornings, and can pick up the pace as the water warms in the afternoon. Every day is a little different, so let the fish tell you what they prefer.  Some really big northern pike have been on the shorelines, and they do beat up the tackle, my hands, and show there aggression!  Northern Pike are truly under-rated for their prowess, fighting ability, and table-fair. I’ve been targeting some smallmouth bass in NE South Dakota lately after limits of walleyes, and simply drifting 1/8oz. Jigs and 3″minnow baits have been very productive! I have several open dates in July and August. Please call for dates and availability. We can make sure you have a great trip to the Dakotas, either on Devils Lake or the Glacial Lakes of South Dakota! I will report regularly and follow me on FaceBook – Fin-Hunters Guide Service LLC, Instagram, and YouTube. Call for open dates, questions, and come experience the Dakota Outdoors!
Tight Lines!