Fall is in the air, waterfowl is starting to migrate, and its a beautiful time of year! I’m happy to report that Fin-Hunters Guide Service has been busy and the fishing in ND has been very good! Recent rains have had an effect on things and some big fish have graced the Lund!  From Devils Lake, Lake Sakakawea, and the Glacial Lakes of NE South Dakota, they’ve all been producing.  I’ve been fishing Devils Lake, some MN waters, and Lake Ashtabula lately and had some great fishing for walleyes, smallmouth bass, crappies, perch, and some good looking northern pike!  The Devils Lake fishing report is good, but will be getting much better as the walleyes school into some fall patterns. Consistent catches of “eater” size walleyes and some catch and release necessary, which is always nice. Tactics have changed recently, to some jigging and trolling crankbaits. Good crankbaits trolled in 15-FOW have been Flicker Shads and some new Vexan Wasp crankbaits. Jigging a classic 1/4oz. jig and minnow, Gulp Minnow, or half crawler have also been good. The use of glide baits like Jigging Raps and Johnny Darters are working as well. The fish have moved a bit deeper now, with good catches in the 15-30′ range. Trolling from 2-2.5mph has been the speed.  Colors – white, chartreuse, silver, and orange have been consistent. Pike action has picked up and they have started to move shallower, but finding a few larger fish on our trolling runs.  Overall the fishing is excellent and will remain into late fall. Call today and let’s have some fun!

Lake Ashtabula is absolutely excellent fishing right now!  Please call me for a trip! Great variety of species and really an overlooked body of water!  Devils Lake, ND is where I’m headed for the next few days and wrangle some walleyes.  Fishing has been good and some customers would like to target some large northern pike Sunday morning.  Always enjoy this great species! Tip – While jigging, I’ve been using some 10# fluorocarbon 24″ leaders while main line is Fireline.  The low visibility abrasion resistant Fluorocarbon does three things: Fish likely are less line shy, gives you bit of stretch on hook sets, and the stiffness helps with less tangles on blade baits, glide baits, and more. Please call for open dates and some great fishing!

I have a few dates open for October, and will be taking a few hunters soon.  Ice fishing is just around the corner, so please call and get some dates on the calendar.

Tight Lines and Shoot Straight!

Cody Roswick Fin-Hunters Guide Service